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Rachel Notley helped strike a grand bargain on oil and the climate. Can Trudeau save it?

If not for Alberta's first NDP premier, Justin Trudeau likely would have had an even harder time crafting a national climate plan. If not for Rachel Notley, Ottawa also might not own a pipeline right now. At the very least, the prime minister would have had a much harder time justifying his support for that pipeline's expansion.

18th, April 2019, 02:00pm

Doug Schweitzer: From Prentice campaign manager to MLA

Doug Schweitzer got his political baptism as Jim Prentice's campaign manager. Now, as the newly elected MLA for Calgary-Elbow, he reflects on the new governments' priorities a day after their election victory.

17th, April 2019, 04:15pm

Here are (most of) Calgary's new MLAs

The United Conservative Party's commanding victory in the Alberta election on Tuesday came with a near sweep of the ridings in Calgary.

17th, April 2019, 04:09pm
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