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Confusion mounts as Thailand election results delayed

A pro-military party that wants junta leader Prayut Chan-o-cha to remain in power has taken a slight lead in Thailand's elections on Sunday, according to early results from the country's Election Commission, in what could be a blow to pro-democracy forces fighting to overcome authoritarian military rule.

25th, March 2019, 04:48pm

Petrochemical fire causes health worries

Thick black smoke filled the sky surrounding the Houston suburbs last week as a massive fire burned at a petrochemical storage facility for four days. Residents of two Texas cities were told to shelter in place as hazardous chemical vapors escaped the foam blanket put in place to extinguish the industrial fire.

25th, March 2019, 04:16pm

Mueller leaves behind a new puzzle

Attorney General William Barr delivered his summary of Robert Mueller's investigation to Congress, clearing the President of collusion. But CNN's commentators say there's more to it than that. The views expressed in this commentary are theirs. View more opinion articles on CNN.

25th, March 2019, 04:15pm

EU says no-deal Brexit is 'increasingly likely'

• Analysis: May's Brexit deal begins to fade as pressure mounts • Analysis: UK gets little sympathy from Europe • Yes, second Brexit referendum is possible, says UK minister

25th, March 2019, 04:14pm
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